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Progress / OpenEdge Applications

OpenEdge is so widespread, chances are you have used it or made a transaction with a business that uses it, without realizing it.

For example, when you go to a popular sandwich chain and you place your order, their registers are actually running a Progress application, tracking and managing the data. Financial institutions also use this platform when collecting information for loans and mortgages. Retailers use it to track purchasing data.

Progress databases are more cost effective and a better choice for small and medium-size companies, largely because of their ease of use and efficient operation. You just install it, it works as part of the application and it just runs with very little maintenance. It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No reboots required.

There are a number of commercial applications available in Progress. SynergyPro has worked with customers in a variety of industries to develop or modify in-house or custom applications.

SynergyPro can help you with your existing Progress application, whether it's making it more efficient, solving a problem you may be facing, or giving the application some enhancements. Even if you have an existing staff, we can help augment them for specific projects.

OpenEdge Factoids

Find out more about where Progress and OpenEdge is used.

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