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OpenEdge Database Administration
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Progress / OpenEdge Database Administration

Yes, Progress / OpenEdge databases are very efficient and require very little maintenance as compared to other databases. Chances are you don't have a full-time DBA and probably shouldn't.

Progress database administration services from SynergyPro give you what you need, especially when you don't require a full-time person. There are always times you need an expert who knows OpenEdge databases.

Like any database, Progress' OpenEdge must be tuned and optimized to work best in your environment, and every environment is different, as is hardware and organizational needs. Some businesses are more transactionally based; others are more reporting-based; some are a combination of both and SyergyPro can configure and refine your environment for the best of both worlds.

Whether you prefer a monthly support contract or pay as you go, SynergyPro can help give you peace of mind when a problem does occur. Allowing SynergyPro to get familiar with your system before a problem occurs will allow us to help solve your issue quicker when a problem does occur.

We can also help on specific issues, like migrating betweens servers or platforms, or when you're database isn't performing as you expected.

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