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Progress / OpenEdge Software Development

Software development involves a wide range of outcomes—whether it is creating a whole new computer application from scratch to perform specific tasks, or modifying or customizing an existing program to meet a business' specific needs.

For example, SynergyPro recently had a client running an older proprietary labeling program. They would use it to label incoming raw materials, as well as outgoing finished goods. Since it was proprietary to someone else, it was becoming expensive use. SynergyPro rewrote that application in Progress on a Windows computer that would work with laser printers and laser labels,with much more readily available hardware and materials. The required printers under the older program were $8,000 to $10,000. Our new platform allowed them to use higher-end laser printers in the $500 range.

SynergyPro has also integrated OpenEdge databases with other products, such as facilitating credit card payments with an interface from an outside party and take payments and get results.

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