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Virtualization with VMWare
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Virtualization with VMware

“Virtualization” is where the industry is going. Virtualization allows you to take one piece of hardware and actually put multiple computers on it. Think of it as an apartment building: let's say you have an old house with three floors. You can actually convert that house and make each floor a separate apartment—if you put a bathroom and a kitchen on each floor. As a result, you have one physical building but all of a sudden instead of the single family home it is now three separate apartments.

Virtualization does the same thing—it allows you to take one computer and divide it up into multiple computers. So on one machine you can install Windows server, Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

What does this mean to you? You might have multiple computers, each dedicated to a specific purpose: web server, network server...backups. Instead of having the expense of owning and running those multiple machines, through VMWare you can consolidate three virtual computers to a single piece of hardware.

This lowers your hardware expense dramatically and increases your efficiency. Take for example, a web server. A web server during the day gets hit with a lot of activity, so it is constantly being checked with people accessing it. At 2 a.m., that activity is likely not there, which means it's sitting idle but still costing you money.

Meanwhile, you have another server that does backups. During the day, it sits idle (yet costs you money), but at 2 a.m., it starts buzzing and whirring (well, not literally) backing up all your data and other hardware. When you consolidate these computers to a single machine, you have now merged them together and you have got the processing power available to run both those things at the same time because it is all virtual.

VMWare is also smart, allowing you to over-allocate, or share resources. So two virtual computers might each have access to 10 gigabytes of RAM on a single machine, without requiring that single machine to physically have 20 gigs installed. Again, since in most cases the peak activity level of different virtual computers occur at different times throughout the day, it's unlikely that physical RAM will be hit by all computers at the same time. And in the rare occasion that it does, it simply will use hard drive space to make up the difference (virtual memory—a default function of computing for years).

VMware is one of the leaders in virtualization. They offer very robust and powerful platform that allows organizations of all sizes to virtualize their environment. Whether you have two physical computers you wish to consolidate, or you have 80, this is a great tool to do it and SynergyPro can help you.

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