Anna was born December 4, 2005. On the morning of January 19, 2006 she was found abandoned in the hall on the 4th floor of the children’s hospital of Liaoning Province, Dalian City, China. She was blue and having difficulty breathing – the note pinned to her clothes said only “she was born on November 4 by the lunar calendar”.  She was sent to the children’s branch of Social Welfare Institute of Dalian City and given the name Dang Yi Tao.

Anna was kept in the critical ward of the orphanage for 4 months until they realized that she was starting to thrive and getting stronger. She then returned to the hospital where she was diagnosed with aortic and pulmonary stenosis. Anna was placed with a foster family in Dalian City and on the “adoptable” list with the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs. Her foster family cared for her without medical intervention until June 15, 2008. One day later she would be placed in our waiting arms. We spent 71 beautiful days with our sweetheart. On 8/25/08, Anna underwent a cardiac catheterization to try to determine what corrective surgical procedure would be next. Anna’s heart stopped as they were taking her off anesthesia and she never came back. We had to say goodbye on 8/27/08.  For three days the Holy Spirit had helped us accept a new plan. The plan had Anna completely healed, sitting on Jesus’ lap and smiling her all-knowing smile. For us, her forever family, we live our days trying to glorify His name and continuing the legacy of love our Anna Banana only briefly started.  We pray Anna’s story gives you hope that with Christ you can do anything (Phil. 4:13).